Light Weight TPE Yoga Mat 6mm – Green


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Includes Carry Strap.

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Feel the Ultimate Yoga Experience with Our TPE Yoga Mat:

Lightweight Portability:
Embrace yoga on the go with our lightweight TPE mat, weighing just 800 grams. Its 6mm thickness provides ample cushioning for your practice while remaining easy to carry anywhere, thanks to the included mat-carrying string.

Anti-Skid Design:
Elevate your practice with confidence on our TPE yoga mat, featuring a non-slip texture designed for superior grip. The double-layer structure ensures optimal stability without compromising on comfort, making it ideal for various forms of yoga that require anti-slip performance.

Eco-Friendly Innovation:
Experience yoga in harmony with nature. Our mats are made from TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer), a cutting-edge material that replaces traditional PVC, latex, and harmful chemicals. Certified TPE offers a safe, slip-resistant, and hygienic surface, making it eco-friendly, healthy, and recyclable. Say goodbye to cheap and non-green PVC, NBR, or EVA yoga mats.

Exceptional Performance:
Unroll the most comfortable yoga experience with our 6mm thick TPE mat. Its double-layer structure provides optimal grip, excellent cushioning, and a non-slip texture, catering to yogis of all levels. Immerse yourself in your practice, knowing you have the best support beneath you.



Item Dimension

72 inches length x 24 inches width



Product Weight

800 grams


Dark Green + Fluorescent Green


Unroll Excellence: MeFree TPE Yoga Mat – where superior quality meets your every pose.


Here are few asanas which you can perform with the help of Light Weight TPE Yoga Mat 6mm:

Prasarita Padottasana

Sethu Bandha

Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana

Supta Baddha Konasana

Supta Virasana

Use & Care

Wipe the mat gently, paying extra attention to any spots or areas that have become sweaty or dirty. Be sure to clean both sides if necessary.


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