Setubandh Bench


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Bridging the Gap Between Comfort and Alignment

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Unlock the Perfect Asana with MeFree’s Setubandh Bench

Crafted to Perfection:
The MeFree Setubandh Bench is handcrafted from superior quality solid pine wood, ensuring an exquisite blend of form and function for your Iyengar Yoga practice.

Specialized Iyengar Yoga Prop:
Tailored for Iyengar Yoga enthusiasts, this bench is designed to enhance your Setubandhasana practice effectively. The thoughtful integration with the Viparit Karani Box allows for a seamless combination, unlocking new dimensions in your yoga routine.

Solid Wood Strength:
The Setubandh Bench boasts a robust solid wood structure, providing essential support and strength during your yoga sessions. Its remarkable weight-bearing capacity ensures stability, empowering practitioners at every level.

Termite and Rot Resistance:
Rest easy knowing that your investment is safeguarded. This bench is 100% termite and rot-resistant, guaranteeing durability and longevity, so you can focus on your practice without worry.

Versatile Practice Enhancement:
Beyond Setubandhasana, this versatile bench enhances various poses, adding versatility to your yoga routine. Its adaptability makes it a valuable asset for practitioners seeking a holistic yoga experience.

Elevate Your Yoga Journey:
Immerse yourself in the elevated experience of MeFree Setubandh Bench. Elevate not only your poses but also your overall yoga journey with this expertly crafted and thoughtfully designed yoga prop.

Designed for Your Well-Being:
Prioritizing your well-being, the Setubandh Bench is more than a prop; it’s a companion in your yoga journey. Experience the harmony of design and functionality for a fulfilling practice.

Dimensions Length: 138 cm
Width: 42 cm
Height: 41 cm


Product Weight

8.5 kgs


Light Brown


MeFree Setubandh Bench, where Superior Pinewood meets perfect pose precision.


Here are few asanas which you can perform with the help of Setubandh Bench:

Sethu Bandha

Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana

Use & Care

Allow the Setubandh Bench to air dry completely in a well-ventilated area before using it again.


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