PROPer Yoga

MeFree Revolutionizes Yoga Practice with "PROPer YOGA" Workshop

MeFree had introduced a revolutionary workshop, “PROPer YOGA,” on April 27, 2024, at The Yoga House, Bandra. Led by the esteemed yogini Yesha Jain, the event showcased the transformative potential of integrating props into your daily life, offering participants a path to enhanced well-being. Participants received expert guidance on how to use yoga props to improve common physical discomforts like cervical pain and body tightness, enhancing their connection with each posture.

Not only did the participants receive expert instruction on leveraging props for optimal benefit, but they also gained exclusive access to MeFree’s user-friendly website, meticulously designed to support their ongoing practice. Complete with a detailed section for product specifications, care instructions, and even a special discount for workshop attendees, the website serves as a testament to MeFree’s dedication to making yoga more accessible and enjoyable for practitioners of all levels.The workshop left participants feeling deeply rejuvenated and inspired to incorporate prop-enhanced practices into their daily routine life. As a token of gratitude, MeFree provided attendees with goodie bags filled with essentials to support their ongoing yoga journey.