Mission Empower: Inspiring Journey of Our Founder, Mrs Ina Dani

MeFree was born from a simple yet powerful vision of Mrs. Ina Dani, a world-renowned yoga teacher,  to create high-quality yoga props that are accessible and affordable for all practitioners. 

Yoga, an ancient practice with the potential to benefit everyone, can sometimes be hindered by the cost of props. At MeFree LLP, we believe that financial limitations shouldn’t be a barrier to experiencing the incredible benefits of yoga. 

Mrs. Dani’s dedication extends beyond the physical practice of yoga. She established Home Villa Yoga, a thriving studio that welcomes students of all levels. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned yogi seeking to refine your practice, Home Villa Yoga offers a variety of classes tailored to your needs. Explore the Diverse Class Offerings at Home Villa Yoga

Her passion for sharing the benefits of yoga also reaches underprivileged communities through her involvement with Sab Ka Mangal Ho, a foundation providing yoga training to orphaned children. Visit Sab Ka Mangal Ho’s website to learn more.

MeFree yoga props aren’t just affordable; they’re meticulously designed to support your practice safely and effectively. We offer a wide range of props, from blocks and straps to bolsters and mats, helping you deepen your poses and find perfect alignment. As Mrs. Dani’s guru, B.K.S. Iyengar Guruji, once said “Practice yoga with dedication, and all your questions will be answered.” 

Fortune Celebrates Our Founder