Yoga Props

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Welcome to MeFree Yoga Props – Your Path to Joyful Asanas!

At MeFree, we bring you a wide collection of yoga props designed to add a touch of bliss to your practice. Picture yourself confidently mastering every asana, supported by our carefully crafted tools. From the MeFree Yoga Stool to the Viparita Karani Bench, each prop is a key to unlocking a world of flexibility and strength.

Improve your alignment and deepen your stretches with the MeFree Viparita Dandasana Bench. Feel the stability of the MeFree Triangular Blocks – available in both big and small sizes. Embrace the challenge with the MeFree Trestle/Horse for a unique twist to your routine. DIY enthusiasts don't miss our Tall Backbender – a versatile addition to your practice.

Elevate your inversions with the MeFree Headstand Bench or find balance with the MeFree Slanting Plank. Enhance relaxation and restoration using the MeFree Cotton Bolster, or dive into deep stretches with the MeFree Knee Wedges. Our Infinity Block opens doors to endless possibilities, while the MeFree Stump Set is your go-to for grounding.

For Iyengar enthusiasts, our Wall Ropes offer perfect alignment, and the MeFree Cork Yoga Blocks provide a natural touch. Explore our diverse range, from the playful Simhasana Box to the Setubandh Bench, fostering confidence in your yoga journey.

Discover the joy of practice, amplify your flexibility, and radiate confidence with MeFree Yoga Props. Shop now and embark on a playful and transformative yoga experience.