Knee Wedges

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Knee Pad – Support for Feet and Calves.

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Discover Blissful Feature Bends of MeFree Knee Wedges.

Therapeutic Precision:
MeFree Knee Wedges, crafted from superior solid pinewood, are meticulously designed for therapeutic use in Iyengar Yoga. Experience precision in therapy with these wedges that aid in addressing stiff knees, facilitating gradual bending, and promoting therapeutic benefits.

Premium Pinewood Quality:
Elevate your yoga practice with the assurance of premium solid pinewood construction. The Knee Wedges boast a quality that stands out, providing a stable and reliable foundation for therapeutic poses.

PU Water-Based Finish:
Immerse yourself in wellness with the PU water-based finish, ensuring a smooth and comfortable surface. The environmentally friendly finish enhances the wedges’ longevity while contributing to a conscious and sustainable yoga experience.

Tailored for Iyengar Yoga:
Uniquely designed to complement Iyengar Yoga practices, these wedges offer targeted support to open the back of the knees. Enhance your practice with a tool crafted specifically to meet the therapeutic needs of this yoga style.

Facilitates Deeper Flexion:
Overcome stiffness and challenges in knee bending with MeFree Knee Wedges. Safely encourage deeper flexion as the wedges provide support for gradual and controlled movement, reducing the risk of injuries during your practice.

Enhanced Sitting Posesn:
Maximize comfort in Virasana and Vajrasana with MeFree Knee Wedges. Create essential space behind the knees, promoting proper alignment and reducing strain, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in seated poses with ease.

Injury Prevention:
Prioritize your well-being with a tool designed to prevent knee injuries. MeFree Knee Wedges enable a slow and controlled progression into deeper flexion, reducing the strain on the knees and promoting a safe and injury-free yoga practice.

Dimensions Length: 20 cm
Width: 11 cm
Height: 26 cm


Product Weight

0.35 kgs


Light Brown


Aiding support to your knee with superior pinewood


Here are few asanas which you can perform with the help of MeFree Knee Wedges:


Use & Care

Use a soft brush or a dry cloth to remove any dust or debris from the knee wedges.


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