Trestle/ Horse – Big

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Perfect for Extended Yoga Posture.

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Welcome a new level of stability and support into your sessions, and watch as your yoga journey reaches new heights.

Improve Your Practice:
The MeFree Trestle/Horse is your yoga partner in achieving longer and more effective poses. It offers the stability you need to focus on the intricacies of each asana, allowing you to experience the full potential of Iyengar yoga.

Unmatched Stability:
Crafted with precision, this sturdy and large prop is your reliable companion during complex and posture-correcting poses. It sits firmly in place, ensuring you maintain proper alignment and balance while you deepen your practice.

Premium Materials:
MeFree Trestle/Horse is crafted from 100% natural solid pine wood. Its PU water-based finish not only enhances its visual appeal but also adds to its durability. This finish also provides resistance to termites, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.

Built to Last:
The heavy-duty stainless steel metal rod used in the MeFree Trestle/Horse offers additional support, making it a reliable choice for yoga practitioners of all levels. You can trust that it will stand up to the demands of your practice.

Upgrade Your Iyengar Yoga Experience:
MeFree Trestle/Horse – Big is a transformational tool to upgrade your Iyengar yoga journey. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting out, this prop will help you push your boundaries to new levels of strength, flexibility, and mindfulness

Dimensions Length: 138 cm
Width: 42 cm
Height: 41 cm


Product Weight

38 kgs – 40 kgs


Light Brown


Meet the MeFree Trestle/Horse – Grand in size, an exquisite masterpiece made with the finest pinewood.


Here are few asanas which you can perform with the help of Trestle/Horse-Big:

Utthita Parsvakonasana

Use & Care

Use a soft, dry cloth or a duster to remove any dust or loose dirt from the surface of the trestle/horse. Regular dusting helps prevent buildup and keeps it looking clean.


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