Yoga Hooks for Wall Ropes

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Heavy Wall Mount Anchor Hooks.

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Hang in harmony with our unmatched Yoga Wall Hooks for Wall Ropes:

Tailored for Yoga Ropes:
Our Yoga Wall Hooks are expertly crafted with the correct size and U-shape, ensuring a precise fit for accommodating yoga ropes. The design guarantees that your yoga ropes are securely and comfortably positioned, facilitating a seamless and effective practice.

Secure Anchor Fasteners:
The included nut-bolts and anchor fasteners are not just your typical hardware. They are engineered with precision to firmly fix the hooks to the wall. You can trust that your Yoga Wall Hooks will remain securely in place, providing you with a stable and dependable anchor point for your yoga props.

Versatile Yoga Support:
These wall-mounted hooks are incredibly versatile and designed to accommodate a wide range of yoga props, including yoga ropes, yoga slings, and yoga belts. With our Yoga Wall Hooks, you have the freedom to diversify your practice, explore new asanas, and deepen your stretches with the support of these wall-mounted tools.

Better Yoga Practice:
By installing our Yoga Wall Hooks, you open up a world of possibilities in your yoga practice. Experience improved alignment, enhanced stability, and the ability to explore advanced poses with confidence.

Quality Craftsmanship:
Our Yoga Wall Hooks are a testament to quality craftsmanship. They are built to last, designed for durability, and crafted with a keen eye for detail. You can trust that these hooks will be a long-lasting addition to your yoga space.


Sturdy metal

Item Dimension

13 cms length x 3 cms breadth x 6.5 cms height

Product Weight

864 gram




Coated with Mild Steel

Use & Care

Maintain Yoga Hook’s shine with a gentle damp cloth wipe.


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