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Support the spirit of Welfare for All!

Guided by its vision ‘Welfare for All’ and to make the world a happier and healthier place, the Sab Ka Mangal Ho Foundation is committed to positively impact lives through innovative social interventions. These include conservation and preservation of natural resources, promoting values, life skills and yoga education, eradication of hunger and malnutrition by providing nutritious food to the under-privileged children, and promoting healthcare to the underserved communities.

Physical fitness and mental tranquillity being the two most essential factors for human evolution, our endeavour has been to promote yoga education to the children in the orphanages of India.

Our mission is to empower these children and help them to move and grow mindfully as they become future citizens of the nation.

Thus far, we have reached 20 orphanages in Mumbai and Pune and have touched over 600 lives.

When you shop MeFree, you make a difference!

Profit from the sale of MeFree yoga mats and accessories go to Sab ka Mangal Ho Foundation which utilises the same for yoga education at orphanages all over India.

To witness our journey and to contribute, please visit www.sabkamangalho.org or

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