MeFree opens its first store in Pune!

We opened our first brick and mortar concept store in Pune in December 2019.  For every enterprise, growth presents its own possibilities. And we are convinced our yoga store has all that is ‘experience’ and ‘happiness’.

At MeFree®, we want to subtly remind the user of reaching his higher goal of self-liberation; of uniting himself with the universe (ultimate consciousness). The entry-way to our store is enthralling in its own way. We’ve left plenty of open space in our entrance so that you can slow down and adjust to the surroundings, for a comfortable transition to the shopping mode.

Down MeFree lane, you will chance upon the principles of ‘sat-chit-ananda’ or God-Consciousness viz.  Truth, Knowledge, and Bliss. The aim of yoga is the absorption of consciousness into the sense of Pure Being. There is no consciousness of any object, except for the fact that we ‘are’. And because you are in good company, you are not deluded. And because you are not deluded, your mind becomes steady. And because the mind is steady and peaceful, you attain mukti, total liberation, the me’free’ moment. May you all experience that Sat-Chit-Ananda as your own true Self!

Our store is about 10 mins walk from the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, and is prettily nestled at the start of Canal Road (Model Colony). Look for our signboards and follow the path!

Welcome, it’s great to see you!

The store is open from 9.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. All seven days of the week.

As a direct-to-consumer company, our entire business is conducted through online or word of mouth orders, so our goal with the pop-up is really to test the waters of retail and learn more about the opportunities and challenges we’ll face if we decide to move forward with more stores.

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